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Web Applications: Virtual Bed Example

Three-dimensional interactive objects in a web browser is a cutting edge technology. It is not hard to imagine what can be done to market products or train people with this immersive level of interactivity.


Click the image below to take you to the 'Virtual Bed' we developed and rigged for a client. Try putting the bed in different positions using the buttons - you'll love the speedy response. Virtually any interactive scenario is possible, from virtual products and virtual assemblies to wrapping custom or user graphics on a 3D object.

Online Product Configurators

As more purchase planning and shopping takes place on-line, the challenge is to engage potential buyers and help them to respect and trust your brand.


With an on-line product configurator, you can go from simple choices like size and color to additional components and alternate features.  Your customers can configure the product just the way they want it and see it happen in real time.


And by ruling out 'impossible' combinations of features, and adding prices for qualified users, it can also become a sales and training tool for reps and distributors. Click below to visit the 'Bed Configurator' and see how interactive on-line product configuration can be.

Mobile and Tablet App Technology for Multiple Platforms

As tablets continue to outsell notebooks and smart phones become ever present, communicating your message on devices becomes vital. And as the development tools become more powerful, the cost of custom 'apps' becomes ever more affordable. Whether it is the conversion of an existing web application (as shown below) or the development of applications entirely for mobile and tablet operating systems, we are equipped to help you step further into this high-growth communication format.


Click on the appropriate device below to view/install the Bed Configurator from the iTunes / Play stores.

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